Fiesta SEAPonyCon will be held at the City Beach Resort in the Labrador Nature Reserve - a public park in Southwest Singapore.

Getting there is easy thanks to the Singapore MRT system. Unfortunately from what we are told, buses no longer directly serve the bus stop right opposite the venue but any bus that can get you to an MRT station will still be lots of help!


Singapore's public transport system is, unlike Project SEAPonyCon, highly sophisticated and hyper organised. In order to help you understand this transport guide, bus stops and route numbers are written in bold, such as SBS Bus number 160. The Mass Rail Transit (MRT) stations will have a bold underline followed by the station code in brackets, just like how we're about to tell you that the closest station to the convention venue is Labrador Park (CC27). Landmarks, especially ones that drivers should look out for are written in italics. So if you are headed south and you pass by Labrador Seafood, you are headed in the right direction.

When driving, be sure to wear your seat belt at all times and keep yor eyes on the road. If you need to refer to this page again or reconfigure your GPS, pull over at a rest stop or on the road shoulder first. Singapore imposes heavy fines for failing to observe road safety laws. The buttons below should help you navigate the walls of text on this page to save you time.



Singapore is linked to the state of Johor in West Malaysia via multiple bridges, enabling ground transport. Consider this before booking a flight as it can be much cheaper.

If you are flying into Singapore, you will land at the Changi Airport. The airport terminals are interconnected with trains and shuttle buses. Once you arrive in Changi, the Changi Airport (CG2) MRT station is accessible from Terminals 2 and 3. You can then proceed to follow rail directions below.

Public buses service the route from Larkin, Johor to JB Sentral and onwards to several destinations in Singapore. Look for SBS Buses at either of these stops (on the Malaysian side). SBS Bus number 160 will take you to Kranji (NS7) and subsequently terminate at Jurong East (NS1/EW24/JE5).

Most major bus stations in West Malaysia all the way up to Hat Yai, Thailand offer some form of bus service to Singapore. For residents of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Bandar Tasik Selatan has frequent buses travelling to Singapore. You can also book your tickets online.

Whether you are driving or travelling by bus, we advise you to opt to cross into Singapore via the Tuas interchange as opposed to the Woodlands interchange. The Tuas interchange is much closer to the convention venue and is less congested than the Woodlands interchange.

If you are driving, you MUST bring your car registration and insurance documents along with your drivers' license. You will need to produce this at the immigration checkpoint. Exchange sufficient Singapore Dollars to pay the tolls and other charges associated with driving a foreign vehicle in Singapore.

In the unlikely event you are not allowed to bring your vehicle into Singapore, park at a long-term facility in Johor Bahru and take a bus into Singapore. Just because your car cannot enter does not mean you cannot enter.

Some ports in Malaysia and Indonesia, such as Puteri Harbor (Johor), Batam Centre (Batam) and Belawan (Medan) have ferry service to Singapore. Be cautioned that some routes via sea can take more than a day to travel.


Thanks to Singapore's highly integrated railway system, getting to any station is possible once you're on the network. Adequate feeder buses also can help get you to a station nearby. Many stations have stationless rental bicycles available.

The closest station to the venue is the Labrador Park (CC27) station.

Once you exit the station, go to Labrador Park Road which is just past the carpark opposite the station. From there, follow walking directions.


The bus stations Carpark B, Opposite Block 3B and the Furniture Warehouse may not have bus service as SBS Route 408 is no longer in service.

The bus stop Opposite PSA Building is serviced by buses number 103030e51143175176 and 188. To avoid having to cross the highway, alight as the PSA building is to your right and the bus is travelling towards the west.

When you alight from the bus, make your way east and turn right to enter the Labrador Villa Road. The Labrador Park (CC27) MRT station should be on your left after you make this turn. Then proceed to follow walking directions.


If you are walking, please bring along an adequate supply of water. The weather may be hot. An umbrella is also advised. Stationless rental bicycles are also available at the Labrador Park (CC27) MRT station.

Once you are on Labrador Villa Road, head south and away from the highway. There should be no buildings with more than 10 storeys in sight. If you see any high-rise buildings at this point, you may be facing the wrong direction.

About 400 metres down, the road will fork. From here, take Port Road (on the left) and proceed until the road ends. The fork may be a little confusing so look out for signs saying "Labrador Seafood", "The Three Peacocks" and/or "City Beach Resort". They will point you in the right direction here.

Another 500 metres down you will find a carpark to your right. Continue straight and you should see the signboard for "City Beach Resort". Once you are here, make your way to the event hall. More precise directions and details of the hotel will be available soon.

The walk from the start of the Labrador Villa Road at the MRT station all the way to City Beach Resort is about 800 metres and is mostly flat.


Click here (or scan the QR code Temmy is holding on the right/below) on your desktop/mobile to send coordinates to your favourite map application. Set your GPS to 1.2645689, 103.8039447 or 1° 15' 52.448" N, 103° 48' 14.2" E. These coordinates will take you to the venue. A public car park is also available at this location.

Alternative landmarks close to the venue are the the Keppel Club, Sea Scent Restaurant and/or The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park. When you zoom out on your application you should see the pin in a green area very close to the southwest tip of the island.

Driving directions are quite similar to the walking directions as the road is fairly straight simple.

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